Your tour begins at the interpretive signage near the general store at the centre of the town and follows a dirt road (it is suitable for 2 wheel as well as 4 wheel drive cars) through the Woolshed Valley to Beechworth.

Commence a journey of history and adventure with the homes of Joe Byrne and Aaron Sherritt, Ned Kelly stories and ghost towns of the mining era.  The Woolshed Valley, believed to be one of Victoria’s oldest because of its geological features, begins here in El Dorado and ends near the historic town of Beechworth.

1      Welcome  – An introduction to the Woolshed Valley
2      Wombat Mine (Wombat Diggings), provided income to El Dorado township
3a    Chinese Gardens, vegetables supplied the miners, numerous hotels and restaurants
3b    Napoleon Flat, a major mining township
4      Kangaroo Crossing, a timber bridge which burnt down early 1900s
5      Miner’s hut and Chinese diggings
6      Buttrey’s Rock, the perfect ambush spot for bushranger, Buttrey….whose gold has never been found
7      Reidford Hotel, the hotel burnt down in 1899.  Wick’s Crossing; made from solid granite & the remains of the public swimming baths
8      Sebastopol Flat, a once booming town
9      Aaron Sherritt’s Hut, Joe Byrne with Dan Kelly shot dead his lifelong friend Sherritt in 1880
10    Sunbury Bridge, a meeting place for the Kelly Gang

Download PDF Map – Woolshed Valley Guided Drive Map