This rugged outcrop of granite guards the south-east corner of El Dorado, and is home to a monument honouring farrier Edwin Bawden who died of pneumonia after contracting measles whilst serving with the Imperial Bushmen during the Boer War of 1900-1901.

The original memorial plaque is on the northern face of the Monument, whilst a new brass plaque (supplied by the RSL in 2004) adorns the western face. The upper section of the actual Monument is missing, presumably brought down by a lightning strike.

There is not a structured walking track up to the Monument at present. You should allow about 10 minutes to get to the summit, and about eight minutes to get down again.

Drive out of town by taking the Woolshed Valley Road for about 800m (measured from the centre of town) and turn right onto a grassy laneway, directly opposite Colin Angus Drive. Follow this laneway up-slope to a vehicle turn-around area, passing a Parks Victoria sign on the way. Monument Hill is the high ground immediately to the right on the township side of the laneway. From here, you need to scale the rocky slopes to get to the summit.